Small Island Big Song

2022 is going to be a rockin’ year on the Dog Ranch, and we’re psyched to be working with a bunch of amazing artists. Chief among them is the incredible multi-disciplinary project Small Island Big Song, where music meets climate activism and anthropology, and results in some beautiful film and music. Highlighting the plight ofContinue reading “Small Island Big Song”

Black Uhuru joins the Dog Ranch Music PR roster

We’re super psyched to tell you all about the new single from legendary reggae godfathers Black Uhuru! Dropping Nov 5 on LAW Records, “Jamaica to Here” features the band’s iconic founder Duckie Simpson — back out front with his earthy, soulful baritone, trading verses with Dylan Seid of Chico CA-based reggae rock outfit Dylan’s Dharma.Continue reading “Black Uhuru joins the Dog Ranch Music PR roster”

All the way from… all over… the Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble visits the Dog Ranch

With recent world events spurring the new evolution of their signature Finn funk-meets – Voodoo rhythms sound, Finnish-Beninese-Tanzanian afrobeat funk band The Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble is sending a message to listeners about the importance of maintaining one’s self-respect and dignity, and staying strong through difficult and uncertain times. Led by Finnish guitarist Janne Halonen and Beninese Singer/Percussionist Noël Saïzonou, the 8-piece Helsinki-Cotonou EnsembleContinue reading “All the way from… all over… the Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble visits the Dog Ranch”

Announcing Banning Eyre’s Lion Songs Records

Over the past three decades, as an author and photographer, an accomplished guitarist, frequent commentator for NPR’s All Things Considered, and Senior Producer for the Peabody Award-winning public radio series Afropop Worldwide, Banning Eyre has lived a fascinating professional life in pursuit of a singular passion for African music.  Giving voice to a lifetime of songs and sounds encounteredContinue reading “Announcing Banning Eyre’s Lion Songs Records”

Welcome Calle Sur to the Dog Ranch

We’re delighted to be working with some old friends again plus we get to keep the Midwest alive with the sound of culture with Iowa-based Calle Sur. And you know, sometimes a concert is much more than music. Sometimes it’s a celebration of a special milestone, in this case the 20-year trajectory of Calle Sur, a LatinContinue reading “Welcome Calle Sur to the Dog Ranch”

Richard X Bennett hangs at the Dog Ranch

We are super stoked to welcome our old pal, Brooklyn-based pianist Richard X Bennett to the Dog Ranch Music PR roster for the worldwide release of his next album ‘RXB3’, on May 28, 2021. The inspirations for Richard X Bennett’s lively work evolve from a wide range of unlikely sources, from contemporary visual art to ancient metaphysics influenced byContinue reading “Richard X Bennett hangs at the Dog Ranch”