Younes Dardashti Duets with his granddaughter

Known as “The Nightingale of Iran,” the Jewish-Iranian Younes Dardashti was one of the most celebrated master singers of Persian classical music from the early 1950s into the 1970s, performing at the Shah’s palace, at Iran’s most coveted concert halls, and in weekly prime-time radio performances with the Iranian National Radio Orchestra. Hear him in aContinue reading “Younes Dardashti Duets with his granddaughter”

Sicily for Christmas

Sicilian-American singer Michela Musolino has been internationally lauded for her unique ability to reimagine Sicilian folk and roots music, alchemized with renowned American musical genres, to mirror the history and movement of people and their musical traditions from the Old World to the New.  Now, the  Italian South meets the American South in the retelling of a timelessContinue reading “Sicily for Christmas”

Dive in At the Water’s Edge

In September of 2021, Hurricane Ida blew through New Orleans. Fortunate to be spared damage to his own home, New Orleans drummer, composer, teacher, and bandleader Wayne Maureau began reaching out to friends to see how he could help. One thing led to another and before long Wayne was storing a number of instruments in his house-Continue reading “Dive in At the Water’s Edge”

Billboard recognizes Sarah Aroeste’s Ladino Hanukkah awesomeness

It’s pretty fantastic to find that someone who is truly deserving of greater attention from the wider world is finally getting some love from the likes of Billboard. Check out 8 Great Hanukkah Songs for 2021! In the words of Billboard’s Rami Even-Esh: “Not enough people know the Ladino style of Jewish music, but thisContinue reading “Billboard recognizes Sarah Aroeste’s Ladino Hanukkah awesomeness”

Small Island Big Song

2022 is going to be a rockin’ year on the Dog Ranch, and we’re psyched to be working with a bunch of amazing artists. Chief among them is the incredible multi-disciplinary project Small Island Big Song, where music meets climate activism and anthropology, and results in some beautiful film and music. Highlighting the plight ofContinue reading “Small Island Big Song”

The flamenco soul of David McLean graces Oaklandside

Everyone knows that the Bay Area has a tremendous music scene, but how many of you are aware that it boasts the most active Flamenco scene outside Spain? Guitarist David McLean is one of the mainstays there and this amazing Oaklandside article by the awesome Andy Gilbert dives in deep. The flamenco soul of DavidContinue reading “The flamenco soul of David McLean graces Oaklandside”

Black Uhuru joins the Dog Ranch Music PR roster

We’re super psyched to tell you all about the new single from legendary reggae godfathers Black Uhuru! Dropping Nov 5 on LAW Records, “Jamaica to Here” features the band’s iconic founder Duckie Simpson — back out front with his earthy, soulful baritone, trading verses with Dylan Seid of Chico CA-based reggae rock outfit Dylan’s Dharma.Continue reading “Black Uhuru joins the Dog Ranch Music PR roster”