Richard X Bennett hangs at the Dog Ranch

We are super stoked to welcome our old pal, Brooklyn-based pianist Richard X Bennett to the Dog Ranch Music PR roster for the worldwide release of his next album ‘RXB3’, on May 28, 2021. The inspirations for Richard X Bennett’s lively work evolve from a wide range of unlikely sources, from contemporary visual art to ancient metaphysics influenced by years performing in India, where he recorded a series of critically acclaimed raga-jazz albums for Times Music, India’s largest record label. At points on RXB3, Richard X Bennett might adopt  the triplet pattern of rhythm made popular by leading contemporary rap group Migos, or channel the vibe of pre-LP era Duke Ellington, but ultimately he follows his own muse. His pieces are short takes on the classical ‘theme and variation’, given an edge by deconstructing said themes in a whirlwind of improv, transforming this long-standing technique into ‘theme and destruction’!  

Published by Ron Kadish

Founder and chief bottle washer at Dog Ranch Music PR

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