World Wild Tour 2022

The crowning achievement of an outstanding concert season: Zucchero meets the Rolling Stones.

The Italian music icon opened for the legendary British band in Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Following an epic concert opening for legendary rock band the Rolling Stones, Italian music icon Zucchero is set to bring his World Wild Tour 2022 to fans across North America this Fall! U.S. tour dates will open on September 9, 2022, with a show in Atlantic City NJ at the Hard Rock Casino and wrap up on October 2, 2022, in Tucson AZ at the Fox Theater. View Zucchero’s full tour schedule here.

Zucchero opened for the legendary rock band the Rolling Stones for the second time in his career on July 27 at the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. His performance with the Stones marked a climactic finale to the Italian music star’s seven-concert slew of dates across Germany, which attracted 35,000 visitors.

“I am honored and grateful to the Stones for choosing me a second time as “Gladiator” to open one of their shows, this time in Gelsenkirchen”, says Zucchero. “It’s another important step in my journey. Another great story to tell my grandchildren. Long live the Stones!”

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The performance with the Rolling Stones marks the crowning finale of his German concerts this summer. The Italian music icon gave seven concerts in Germany, which were celebrated by the media and fans alike, and attracted 35,000 visitors.

Zucchero will perform all over the world until October, arriving in North America on September 9, 2022 with a show in Atlantic City NJ at the Hard Rock Casino and ending October 2, 2022 in Tucson AZ at the Fox Theater. View Zucchero’s full tour schedule here.

After two years of restrictions due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the “World Wild Tour” started on 18 April in Glasgow (UK), followed by two sold-out concerts at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The 14 concerts in Italy, held at the Arena in Verona, attracted more than 150,000 people from Italy and other countries.

With more than two hours of music and a constantly changing set, Zucchero makes every show a unique and unforgettable experience. He revives some of his greatest hits, but also plays songs from his newer albums such as “Discover” and “D.O.C”. He is accompanied on stage by an exceptionally talented supergroup. With an ever-evolving set full of highlights, Zucchero takes his audience on a journey through his entire career, encompassing both his newer songs and the energy and momentum of the hits that helped write the history of Italian music. A wonderful stage set provides the perfect backdrop for this fantastic show: a gigantic sun heralding rebirth, with a selection of images inside representing Zucchero’s entire musical journey.

The German press loves Zucchero!

Zucchero is blessed with a voice that is always recognizable among thousands and which he draws seemingly effortlessly from the depths of his inner being. (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

Zucchero sent the audience at the Waldbühne into raptures. (Berliner Morgenpost)

Zucchero was on fire from the start in front of 7000 spectators in Munich. He had also brought a fantastically good band with him. (Münchner Merkur)

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