Los Mocosos to Launch New Concert Site losmocosos.live with Release of Live Album

Hot off the successes of 2020’s single United We Stand and album All Grown Up, San Francisco’s Latin-funk-ska-soul heroes Los Mocosos are delighted to announce a combination of Old School Mission heart and New Tech Silicon Valley soul with the launch of their new website losmocosos.live and- if you’re lucky enough to get there- a release concert at the fabled Yoshi’s in Oakland CA on Sept 1.

In 2020 with the world locked down and desperately in need of some serious groovin’ to get things movin’ in everyone’s living rooms, Los Mocosos recorded a concert from their secret lair deep in the heart of the Mission district for the socially conscious non-profit organization Corazón Latino, to be shared in a private livestream with the group’s 100K+ members. And now on September 3, 2021 that concert will be permanently available for everyone to Shang-a-Lang to. So whether you’re in lockdown again or just staying safe chillin’ at home, simply by pointing your favorite browser to losmocosos.live, you too can experience their last blowout concert of the summer – view it anytime, from anywhere!

Featuring 6 classic Los Mocosos favorites and 6 new tunes from All Grown Up, bassist and producer Happy Sanchez curated the concert set easily by looking at Spotify’s analytics and noted which tunes had the most streams – Los Mocosos plays your favorites, because they KNOW they’re your favorites!

To celebrate the launch of losmocosos.live on September 3, Los Mocosos will simultaneously release digitally (i.e. spotify, apple music), a remixed audio only version of this previously unreleased concert entitled (you guessed it) losmocosos.live. That’s the SoundCloud link you either see to the left or scrolled past – we hope you enjoy it! Feel free to share the music with your listeners and readers; there is no embargo on Los Mocosos Live.

Viva Los Mocosos-Live will be the featured track off the album with a video to be released August 1st. Wait, don’t forget about that Yoshi’s gig on 9/1/21!

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