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La Voz: Eljuri uses her voice to encourage us to be compassionate leaders

Eljuri understands that it is harder than it seems to believe in the possibility of unity. With her track, ‘La Voz’ she elevates us from this divisive time by offering a hand of compassion. Her lyrics express what she feels in good conscience and not by calculated reasoning. Eljuri dedicates this song to the Latinx community, our friends, and allies. (https://Eljuri.lnk.to/LaVoz)

“I’ve been writing songs like this for a long time now. I want to lend a hand to my neighbors, my peers and those that I see are in need. My life experience teaches me,that representation and leadership truly make a difference.There is power and validation in knowing that we are not alone in what we are suffering so, once again,I’m lifting up my guitar and my voice in the name of compassion.” –CVE

“Cecilia Villar Eljuri is a triple threat: She’s an accomplished songwriter, a great vocalist and one hell of a guitar player.” –NPR MUSIC, Alt.Latino

Cecilia Villar Eljuri is known for her two voices, her vocals and her guitar. Many of her fans and listeners from around the globe do not share the same mother tongue so the universal language expressed by her guitar is equally important as her resonant Spanish vocals. Eljuri is well established as a top Latina guitar player having been praised by DJs and critics alike and as a proud member of the Gibson family of artists since 2008.

‘La Voz’ is the third single from Eljuri’s upcoming album, ‘Reflexion’. Her musical fusion draws from Afro-Cuban music she danced to with her father in the living room of the Manhattan apartment she grew up in. Accentuating her Latin side, Eljuri’s signature guitars and powerful voice drive her dynamic arrangement on ‘La Voz.’ Her long-time drummer and percussionist, Alex Alexander is Colombian and was similarly raised as a Latin immigrant in the USA. Alexander punctuates the Afro-Cuban cáscara as well as a hip-shaking groove on timbales, bongos and congas which accompany the tumbao laid down by Winston Roye on bass. A classic three-part horn section delivered by Chronic Horns; Jenny Hill (tenor sax), Pam Fleming (trumpet) and Buford O’Sullivan (trombone) and a piano montuno expertly played by Teese Gohl round out the song.

The playful and unexpected, ‘La Voz’ music video was directed and filmed by Olga Mazurkiewicz and Kristian Austin of ZCollective and produced by Alexandra Gatje of Manovill Records. From the innocent perspective of a child, the message of the song is visually made accessible, enjoyable and uplifting.

You are encouraged to download the song. If all songs were downloaded instead of streamed, there would be an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions after the first listen PLUS, listening to downloaded songs uses half of the battery life as streaming them AND downloading helps the artist by signaling to digital service provider’s algorithms that fans are passionate about the song. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/earth-day-climate-change-streaming-downloading-ajr-1339228/

Watch Eljuri’s new website for news and tour dates: http://www.eljurimusic.com

CONTACT: Alexandra Gatje, Manovill Records, +1.917.744.9464, alex@eljurimusic.com

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