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Vanessa Bumagny sings for a happy revolution on
“Cinema Apocalipse”

Album features Zeca Baleiro, Chico César and Fernanda Takai

Vanessa Bumagny released the album “Cinema Apocalipse”, the fourth work of her 30-year career, on January 28 2022. After dancing between bolero and brazilian rhythm arrocha in the track “Quem Ama Sofre”, in partnership with Luiz
, and “Cinema Ilusão”, co-authored with Zeca Baleiro and with voices of Zeca and Chico César; exposing her fear and uncertainty in “Canção para Ninar o Apocalipse” and expressing her anxiety and visceral desire with “Fome de Tudo”, also with Chico César, Vanessa presents six more unreleased tracks, among them “A Ousadia”, a partnership with Fernanda Takai.

“Cinema Apocalipse” brings together ten tracks, including the poem “Lady Lazarus”, originally by Sylvia Plath, set to music by Vanessa. Rafael Castro produced the album, further sealing a partnership started in 2019, when the producer and musician asked for a song by Bumagny to produce and include on his album: “I took my partnership with Luiz Tatit in “Quem Ama Sofre “, and I liked the result so much that I decided to keep it for myself, not before negotiating with Rafael, promising to give him another song. I was already looking for a producer to make a new record and at that moment I felt I had found it”, says Vanessa.

Alongside Rafael Castro, Vanessa Bumagny was building the album during the pandemic, amid many of the feelings experienced in this atypical, uncertain and challenging moment. Right at the beginning, “Cinema Apocalipse” echoes “Tudo está Bem” – They want you exhausted and sad, happiness is the greatest revolution -, a song that talks about the gradual reopening of life in society,
the survival and the necessity of celebrating life. The album also talks about love, albeit in an ironic and irreverent way, as in “A Ousadia’”, which has partnership and
participation by Fernanda Takai, and “Eu Sei Ficar Só”.
It is a record that goes from collective desires to intimate desires, resistance without losing tenderness. Songs to pack the apocalypse, under Vanessa’s pulsating desire,
with which anyone can identify.

Bumagny made her debut in music with “De Papel” (2003). She then released “Pétala por Pétala” (2009), with production signed by Zeca Baleiro, and “O Segundo Sexo” (2014). In 2018, the track “O Que For Melhor” became the soundtrack of the soap opera As Aventuras de Poliana (SBT); in 2019 she had the song “Pétala por Pétala”, a partnership with Chico César, recorded by Daniela Mercury. Since then she has been releasing as singles tracks from “Cinema Apocalipse”.

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