Indigenous multi-racial South American band TribalMixtura hones their originality and creates SOY

TribalMixtura’s debut original single “SOY”  (June 2, 2023) is a necessity in a world where we have access to all the information we could possibly want, but many still feel personally lost. SOY is born of a society that needs more art and music to make us question ourselves and understand our humanity, who we really are.  That is the role filled by TribalMixtura, the black, white and indigenous multi-racial group making themselves One and standing strong- just how the tribes did in the Quilombos in Brazil during colonization time. SOY invites us to achieve consciousness and connect with the deepest part of human nature, the root, the power, the magic, the purifying strength of fire, our ancestral vibe.

TribalMixtura presents their first original creation only after acquiring a profound synthesis of the spirit and purpose. The group has been building its sound & philosophy since August of 2021, since these 3 souls from different parts of the world got together in the river of Dique Luján in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Many ancestral sensations have begun materializing in songs and feelings that have given the pathway to one tribal message that they now start to express to the world with “SOY”.

The story of “SOY” starts in December of 2020. Claridad Bértola and Astrópico didn’t know Falú Quilombo personally, but wanted to somehow present themselves and their music to the world. Not far from them at the same time, and for some reason that Falú didn’t understand, he wanted to create a rhythm that was different from what he had been doing up to that point- Falú had been thinking of maybe doing instrumental music since he didn’t think of himself capable of singing nor moving a project where he was the central piece.  That rhythm kept waiting month after month and was never released.  In August 2021 Falú went to visit a friend, who as soon as she saw Falú wanted him to meet another person who had been trying to get to know him for months.  That was the day when 3 people started to move a musical idea with the strength of 30 without having a clear idea of why or for what, the only reason being because it felt good.  When they released their first song and had their first interview as a group on December 3rd 2021, Claridad, Astrópico, and Falú started to understand the path that they had to follow.

From that moment on they kept building their sound and getting the world accustomed to the feeling they wanted to evoke through the use of cover versions of popular Brazilian songs, while they worked on writing their own songs and lyrics that would eventually be their presentation letter to the world.  During that process Claridad finished the lyrics to “SOY”, which she had been writing since she had started living in Brazil, and Falú showed that infamous rhythm he had to Claridad and Astrópico. Claridad looked at her notebook and saw how the lyrics to “SOY”  fit perfectly with Falú’s rhythm- and the song was born. They kept on going, writing music and thinking about the right time to release their originals, and in December 2022 they understood that they were no longer 3 people, they were just 1 that needed to tell the world I Am (SOY).  During those 3 years that took “SOY” to become itself, 3 people were able to see their individual path, at the same time in parallel each one with the other started to understand what they learned from each other to develop their personal mission to do in this world using music as their tool.  

SOY is a proposition to take an internal trip, dance and at the same time dig that respectful silence of listening around (and to!) us at the same time.  That eternal mixture that builds us and is recreated for eternity.

SOY utilizes several musical textures, and links root instruments like the Djembé and the Marimba with electric strings, keyboards, synthesizers and elements of electronic music, reaching the artistic goal that puts in front the manifesto that we are:  a big and beautiful MIXTURE.

SOY Video: The Audio Visual Vision
in the words of the band

From a multidimensional view, the image gives us elements that accompany different sound textures within the song, creating this way an experience that connects all people who get identified with it in one way or another.

 Strong folk roots and electronic sounds get into a dance like a DNA strand to create a sound space where we can dive, the same as it happens with the fire and the dance that happens in the video imagery.

  An exaltation to the Afro-Latin legacy and its ritual traditions transform the images into a dream that is easy to understand and enjoy, the basic “game of life”.

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