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Former Marine, body builder Scott Hongell releases songs written for the soul

With his signature world-weary, raspy vocals and a penchant for epic, power-ballad guitar licks, Florida-based singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Scott Hongell is a salt-of-the-earth artist who sings about what he knows and writes from his life experiences, which include those of a Marine, a mail carrier, personal trainer, and of course entertainer. The result has been a solid lifetime of songs that tell the familiar stories of the human heart and remind listeners to focus on the things that really matter in life.

Hongell’s most recent single to drop is “One Too Many Times” (out Sept. 2, 2022), a guitar-infused ballad that tells the all too relatable tale of an empath who’s fallen in love with a narcissist.

“Unfortunately, the search for love can sometimes take you to a darker place in life than you started out,” says Hongell, “…and you don’t always end up with the right people. Some people tend to take advantage of you when you open your heart and show vulnerability, and I think that’s a universally relatable experience that most people go through at one time or another in life.”

With an accompanying video featuring Hongell’s friend and housemate, actor Jeanine DelValle, the release of “One Too Many Times” follows fresh on the heels of Hongell’s other still-fresh summer single “Thank God For Today,” a country-styled tune that delivers a much-needed message of hope, faith, and love to a beleaguered post-Covid world on the brink of global catastrophe. The single and accompanying video portray stark scenes of the daily hardships experienced by America’s poverty-stricken and homeless populations.

“There are a lot of people out there just concerned with driving their Porsches, and they just ignore people that need help when they have the ability to make a difference,” says Hongell. 

“Where I’m at in Melbourne, Florida …man, there’s a lot of homeless people and it’s just getting worse and worse all the time. People who’ve hit hard times in life and I just hate to see them give up.  I understand what they’ve gone through with where I came from.  I’ve been there before. And I’ve always thought, even down to my last dollar, ‘thank God for today. I’m still breathing …and now that I’ve got a little bit, I want to pass that message to people, to just hang on and we’ll get there.”

Scott Hongell grew up on the Appalachian Trail in rural western Maryland in a poor family and began his performance career in the third grade making acting and music videos for the Washington County school system. An education in brass instruments ensued before picking up the guitar and performing for his high school talent show both in a rock band playing guitar and a Jazz ensemble playing Trombone.

After joining the Marines Scott performed in his off-duty time in the resort areas of the North Carolina Coast. Moving on to the far east Scott performed in bands from Northern to Southern Japan honing his skill of writing original material and musical arrangements in between a  busy live performance schedule. 

Scott’s love of performing and writing continues on and he is constantly finding new inspirations to keep his pencil and his guitar warm and busy. Slots on the bill of National Acts, television appearances, and corporate shows have made Scott a seasoned pro who is proficient at several different instruments.

“I want to give people hope,” says Hongell, “That’s my number one priority. I’m not trying to become a rock star. I’d just like my music to help people realize life doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to have a white picket fence. Everything is about survival, the first human instinct. And once you get past that survival stage, life is yours to do with it what you want.”

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