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Qwehrke releases single, “Good Girl” on Halloween. It’s the fun, dance tune you’ve been waiting for to hit the airwaves at the club. Perfect for your Halloween alter ego.

Denver-based singer, Qwehrke, releases her single, Good Girl under her new moniker on October 31, 2022. Good Girl’s boppy good times vibe sets the mood for a vivacious night out. Good Girl is reminiscent of Cyndi Lauper’s hit, Girls Just Want To Have Fun . It turns the tables on the patriarchy persuading you to get off your feet and just dance! The deeper message of the song is to express your uniqueness in whatever way you choose.

credit: Julianna Photography

Qwehrke is a dream pop singer-songwriter. She’s been making ripples in the electronic music scene in Denver as she explores new genres of music with thoughtful, razor-sharp lyrics. Hence, the name that resembles her “quirky” music style. She is influenced by the music of Thievery Corporation, Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, Until The Ribbon Breaks, and Alice in Chains. Her songwriting influences include James Taylor and Sia.

Teressa Gehrke (Qwehrke) has had a multicultural upbringing. She was born in Guatemala and raised in Colorado. As the two cultures intersect, it has had a profound effect on her life, education, and values. She studied Anthropology and International Development in graduate school, as well as Network Security. When she’s
not writing and recording music, she consults in cyber security and is founder of PopCykol, a cyber security awareness company for kids.

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