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About: Straight out of Orlando, FL, Kash’d Out hits the Reggae/Rock scene with plenty of experience. The band was formed by guitarist Jackson Hauserman and producers Greg Shields & Josh Saldate of Sound Lounge Studios, where bands such as Ballyhoo!, Tribal Seeds and many more have recorded. Once the self-titled debut EP was complete, they recruited Joey Brohawn on Bass and Marshall Hearne on drums, and Nick Gudzan on Keys. Kash’d Out released their first full-length album 5/26/17 entitled “The Hookup” via LAW Records. The record reached #2 on both the Billboard and iTunes Reggae Charts and the band began touring nationally, sharing the stage with bands like Pepper, Less Than Jake, The Expendables and many more. Come catch a show near you!

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Florida’s reggae rockers Kash’d Out release new acoustic album Casual Encounters, out 3/5/21 on LAW Records

Orlando-based reggae rockers Kash’d Out are no strangers to getting by and rolling with the punches while maintaining good vibes through it all. The band’s signature, positive energy and uncommon entrepreneurial hustle exemplifies the spirit behind their upcoming album of acoustic versions of past tracks Casual Encounters (to be released March 5, 2021 on LAW Records).

The band’s second single in advance of the album “Always Vibin’ ” (backed by “Paralyzed”) just dropped on 2/19/21 delivering a much-needed Kash’d Out-style reminder to everyone of the good, simple pleasures of life and the virtues of chilling out. The release offers a taste of the band’s dynamic versatility and unique ability to reinvent favorite tracks through fresh, stripped-down instrumentation..  

“Always Vibin’ ” is still to this day our most popular song,” says Kash’d Out frontman Greg Shields, “so we knew we had to do it justice acoustically, and I feel we’ve done that. It’s just as much of a vibe stripped down as it was on the more produced original version, but with its own character and subtle elements that make it special.”

Likewise, of the single’s B-side, Shields says, “Hearing the intro to ‘Paralyzed’ made me say ‘wow this album is going to be awesome’, and I feel that every time I listen,” reflects Shields. “We slowed the tempo a little, creating more space which led to some melody changes, more harmonies and Jackson really made those Taylor acoustics sing. Remaking all of these songs was a blast but I think I had the most fun recording ‘Paralyzed’.”

The release of “Always Vibin’ ” comes fresh on the heels of Kash’d Out’s first single “Good at Gettin’ By” (backed by “The Dream“) released earlier this year. In October of 2020, popular social media influencer doggface208 had uploaded a video of himself skateboarding while jamming out to the studio version of  “Good at Gettin’ By”. The video quickly went viral and bounced off quite a bit of airplay on alternative radio as a result, so the track’s popularity made it an obvious starting point to introduce the full album to come.

“I think “Good at Gettin’ By” really summarizes the culture within our band and among our fanbase,” says founding member and lead guitarist Jackson Hauserman. “The idea of pushing through while not having a lot of resources but using what we do have to the best of our ability and working hard to make things happen has been a real central theme with the band.”

With the COVID-19 outbreak putting a halt to the national live music industry for the foreseeable future, the involuntary hiatus from a typically grueling tour schedule has afforded Kash’d Out a rare opportunity to pause and reflect. With the latest singles and the upcoming album, the band is revisiting some favorite tracks and reinventing them in acoustic form.

“I think these tracks really translated well into their acoustic versions and contain relevant messages for everything that’s going on in the world right now,” says Shields. “COVID happened, which is obviously a huge bummer for everybody, but it did give us the opportunity to sit down and really focus on working some songs out without the usual having to worry about rushing to get back out on the road. Casual Encounters is an album for the times because it’s about rolling through the hard times and surviving, and staying true to yourself. ”

Kash’d Out was formed by guitarist Jackson Hauserman and vocalist Greg Shields after the two met at Sound Lounge Studios, where Shields had been working with bands such as Ballyhoo and Tribal Seeds. The two hit it off, and after putting together their first self-titled debut EP, they recruited Hauserman’s old highschool friend Joey Brohawn, who migrated from Baltimore to Florida to join on bass and later added Marshall Hearne on drums and Nick Gudzan on keys.

In this fully rounded-out emanation, the band released their first full-length album The Hookup in 2017 on LAW Records. That record climbed to #2 on both the Billboard and iTunes Reggae Charts just as the band began touring nationally, sharing the stage with fan favorites like Pepper, Less Than Jake, The Expendables, and many others.

Building on the momentum of their previous record, Kash’d Out released their sophomore album Undercover in 2019, featuring the mixing expertise of Paul Leary (Sublime, Butthole Surfers, etc.) The result was an incredibly strong pop-reggae album full of catchy hooks and choruses. From start to finish, you can hear a maturity in the album while still maintaining the fun and positive vibes fans have come to love.

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