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Award-winning producer Iuliano to Drop Cinematically Themed EP, De-Algorithm

Progressive indie music producer, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Iuliano delivers intimate vocals and cryptic lyrics over an orchestral palette of complex harmonies and spectral electronica on his latest EP De-Algorithm (slated for release on April 8, 2022) — an esoteric concept album that serves a sardonic critique and near parody of the new digital world order ruled by algorithms and the plight of analog humans who must navigate life under the cold calculus of artificial reason.

The individual songs of De-Algorithm and a series of accompanying videos follow a storyline about a character who vanishes suddenly, with the where and how slowly being revealed over subsequent tracks.

“I begin with an accessible melody,” says Iuliano, “but then introduce the listener to different scenarios that evolve from the original idea.”       

Born in Italy, Iuliano inherited both his mother’s inclinations toward culture and his father’s affinity for economics. Beginning his studies on piano, Iuliano — who was a fan of progressive rock, jazz, and soul — honed his style by playing in clubs, augmenting his keyboard chops with sequenced backing tracks.

As Iuliano relates it, the origins of his personal artistic mythos lie in a dream that would spark a dramatic journey. “I dreamed that I was in a classroom, and horn players were performing one of my arrangements,” he recalls. He made this dream come true in the United States when he moved to Boston, MA to enroll at Berklee College of Music. “It was like everything that had been explained to me could now be applied – the concepts became bright and clear.”

With his engineering and arranging expertise finely-tuned, Iuliano gravitated to the role of a producer. Having previously visited Thailand on holiday, he started collaborating and producing in all Southeast Asia. After a four-year experience in Malaysia where he directed a small label, he chose to launch his solo career as a world citizen.  

After releasing a slew of singles in 2018, Iuliano would be nominated for the Best Experimental Music Video at the Independent Music Awards. In 2019, Iuliano was awarded Best Producer at the Independent Music Awards in the Folk/Singer-songwriter category Iuliano EP Hidden Roots, by a jury led by Tom Waits, Todd Rundgren, Sananda Maitreya, and Robert Smith.

While many of the tracks on De-Algorithm feature guitar, it is not the instrument Iuliano is really familiar with, but the one he utilizes to write songs. “It was a deliberate peculiar choice made precisely because of not being a guitar player. This pushes me to explore ideas until I find something interesting, and then I freestyle the melody,” he notes. “I begin with an accessible melody, but then introduce the listener to different scenarios that evolve from the original idea.”                                                                         

While Iuliano always begins with a concept, he prefers to realize his muse serendipitously. “Accidents are a very big deal in music, but you have to be able to hear them,” he reveals. “Some people might take them as a mistake, but most of them will lead you, one way or another, to an interesting place. Normally, these are the places that I like to wander.”  

Having spent so much time arranging and producing for others, Iuliano’s personal vision as an artist now comes full circle with De-Algorithm, a project that is defined as much by its limitless imagination as it is by its definite scenario. .

“It’s the sound that I’ve heard my whole life, together in one place,” he notes. “Everybody has a limit – sometimes the wrong side of the limit keeps you from making music, but if you can go around it, it becomes a point of power. You can express yourself through your limits. It makes you different from other artists and it becomes your point of strength”. 

Iuliano’s latest single in advance of the album “How Did It Go” will be available Feb 25, 2020 on all major streaming platforms.

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