Diane Coll

Prolific GA-based singer-songwriter Diane Coll goes “Into The Fire” with “Happy Fish (and Other Delights)

Diane Coll doesn’t stop. Writing up a storm for the past few years after a major break from music, this prolific singer-songwriter is making up for lost time with deeply varied songs that examine life from an adult perspective.

Diane’s new album Happy Fish (and Other Delights) showcases the dynamic and emotional range she has as a songwriter. From the rock style, rhythmic strumming driving the opening track, “Daylight,” to the
whimsical and watery closing track, “Happy Fish,” the listener will take a musical journey through loss, hard lessons learned, acceptance, hope, and transformation. Along with celebrating internal growth, Diane also addresses the need for social change with such songs as “Again,” Better Night,” and “Namastained.”

Diane Coll was born in Chicago and grew up on a steady diet of 70’s AM/FM radio. After dabbling in the Chicago music scene, she felt the pull toward GA due to the vibrant music scene in Athens. Here, she fronted her band Rosary in the ‘90s and released the album Clairvoyance. Although life circumstances sidelined her musical endeavors for a number of years, she has a goldfish to thank for reigniting her passion for songwriting in 2017. In tribute, her first solo release Happy Fish (and Other Delights). The inherent symbolism reflects the transformation cycle of Diane’s current life. A goldfish, found outside in a metal pot, sees a new world once put into a glass fish bowl. New home, new life, new vision, this goldfish is then named Happy Fish.

Happy Fish (and Other Delights) has been receiving solid airplay (#46 on the FAI chart; #39 on AirPlay Direct). “For this, I am incredibly grateful!,” says Diane. “I think we, as songwriters, sometimes do not expect that our songs will ever be heard. And, it is both exhilarating and humbling when they are heard.”

Often times, we do not realize there is something better on the other side of that metal pot of limitations until life forces us out of our comfort zone. It is exhilarating to then realize there is new life on the other side.

Into The Fire is the whimsical follow-up to Happy Fish (and Other Delights), a 4-song ukulele inspired EP that marks Diane’s second release as a solo artist.

“These songs were written very organically and from the heart since I did not know any formal ukulele chords (and still don’t),” explains Diane. “There is nothing like picking up a new instrument and playing what sounds good to the ear and what feels good in the heart. This was my experience, and I hope these songs sound as refreshing to your ears as they were for me to write and record.”

Diane currently resides in the Atlanta area, where she works as a mental health therapist. “Music has always been my therapy and, as a lifelong music lover, I honor the sacred space between performer and listener. I aim for my songs to reflect this sacred bond. With Into The Fire, I took a simple approach in terms of instrumentation and production, keeping the songs true to their original form, with minimal layering in the studio. As with Happy Fish (and Other Delights), I worked alongside my friend, engineer, producer, and musician, Daniel Groover.”

Diane Coll is currently enjoying playing landmark stages in Atlanta such as Red Light Cafe, Star Bar, and Waller’s as a solo artist and in singer-songwriter showcases around Georgia and the Carolinas, where she’s honing her craft and writing for her next album!

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